The Life Isn’t fair, Success isn’t far

In this game of life,
Often we have fights.
To do what is right.
To make our future bright.

The sun goes to sleep,
But, with the ideas heap,
We keep workin’ deep.
When even the dogs weep.

Start up something new,
Every morning, every noon,
When Bizzes are in lakhs,
We try findin lacks.

One market idea,
we put to use,
We’re greedy for more,
Money makes us fuse.

Think, think and think,
We have tears in our eyes and blink.
When we fail, we sink.
But it’s addiction, we again think.

Life’s a business, we have a dream,
God support us, None buys our cream,
Ideas put to use, vision blurs off beam.
Life’s ain’t easy and gets nasty as sour neem.

Struggle, sweat and get the whipping,
Or let the heart skip the beating.
You’ve dreamt, now start realizing,
The success is’nt far. It’s coming.

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