iPhone 5 is here!

Thank you Apple for confirming exactly what I (and many others) knew would happen here. Same old phone with a couple “updates”. Let’s see here…- 4 inch screen. Not exactly a breakthrough here. Pretty much just playing catch up and following the rest of the smartphone industry. Still not 16×9 & letterboxing legacy apps. Sweet.

– Faster processor. Yeah, to power the bigger screen/higher pixel density. Very doubtful there will be a substantial performance increase. This was simply necessary or else the phone would have been slower as a result of the bigger screen.

– LTE. Yeah, you had to do that. It’s 2012. Again, not a breakthrough, simply following and adding what had to be added. About time.

– 5 rows of icons. Seriously? I truly wonder if Tim Cook was embarrassed knowing that he had to stand in front of the entire world and brag about 5 rows of icons on the screen. Yeah Apple, you truly are an innovator.

– Smaller adapter. Congratulations Apple, you are officially raping people of their hard earned money, once again. Now all of your loyal customers that have collected car, home, travel chargers, speaker docks, battery packs, and all the other plethora of accessories that are out there over the years have to either ditch them for new ones or buy additional adapters. Great move for your stockholders, not for the consumers.

– iCloud Tabs. Chrome-to-phone, anyone? Android has been doing this for a long time. And you say that Android is ripping you off? Yeah, ok.

Apple & Fanboys, I ask you this, how can you seriously defend this phone as being breakthrough, revolutionary, or innovative? Good luck. HA!

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