Karma is a tax

This is my first attempt to write a script and make a video along with a couple of my friends. Your feedback will definitely help me scale up. Karma is a tax is the first video by the bunch of friends. We try to bring in the tension every entrepreneur has about various taxes. Continue reading Karma is a tax

Different Web Hosting Types Explained

Let’s first talk about web hosting. If you want to construct a website or have an email address on the internet with your own domain name, then you need to have web hosting.

Web hosting can be best described as storage for the files (images, texts, code, databases and emails) that make your website live so that other people can use your domain name and see your site. Each storage area sits on a server (a computer that is accessible by the Internet) and has an address (domain name). When that address / domain name is typed into the browser, it tracks down the correct storage unit and let’s us view what is inside. If there is no web hosting, there can be no way for the web browser to find and view the website.
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