Hello world, I write again.

I have decided to start writing. This is something I’ve always wanted to do but never really took seriously — probably because I told myself that I didn’t have time. Indeed, I was right, because I always felt that if I were to write consistently, all articles should be informative, only about certain topics and maybe make … Continue reading Hello world, I write again.

If you can

If you can dream and not make dreams your masterIf you can think and not make thoughts your aimIf you can meet with triumph and disasterand treat the two impostors just the same If you can talk with the crowds and keep your virtueor walk with kings, nor lose the common touchIf you can fill … Continue reading If you can

Living in the past

Take today to just concentrate on the present. It’s great to learn from the past and to plan for the future, but what is happening right now is what really matters. The past has come and gone and the future holds no guarantees. Today is the most important day. So begin each day with a … Continue reading Living in the past

Love, but once.

I know I doesn’t make any sense,When I ask you to love, but once. Wish there was a heart control,like mind control, to make you decide,that I would play the main role. That said, I know it’s not love,when I force you to fall for me.It’s more like to beg you,to allow me to rape … Continue reading Love, but once.

Scene at the streets

Everyday I pass by peopleyoung and old, gay and frownover-possessed with material encoreslosing themselves in the rhythm divine. There is hope, there is griefmore often that not, wrinkles speakThere is beauty, there are looksbeneath amazing facades, undisclosed crooks. There are niggles and gigglesand innocence sparkling colors aroundand there is silence, a profound onereinforcing the authority … Continue reading Scene at the streets


I can’t build One,Although I know you dream,To live like a queenAnd that irritates me. It’s not my job,to keep you happy,I am not a prince,You gotta live in reality. Sharma’s wife got thisVerma’s wife got thatWhat you keep forgetting,Is what we have gotAnd at what we’re at. Don’t say you love me,Cos’ for all … Continue reading Buckingham