In My Heart, You Stay.

Years have sped by, time has flown,To forget you — is what I had sworn;To wipe off your memories from my heart,To live on, knowing that I’m torn apart. Often on a silent lonely night,When the moon stares at me, bright;Your thoughts come stealthily to my mind,And jab other memories far behind. Of times we had, both … Continue reading In My Heart, You Stay.

And the life changed

It was a safe place,the womb of love and care,For the world I din’t know,And the life changed. I was named without my consent,I was called with a nick and I responded,I was given those painful vacinationsAnd the life changed. I went to a nearby school,I learned to read and write,And then I started writing … Continue reading And the life changed

Using Google Public DNS

We are yet to be there in India, the “internet speeds” are fast catching up but are equally costly. On an average, we tend to choose between 256 Kbps minimum to 1 Mbps max. However, with more and more websites evolving as web applications and our “impatience”, we can only do this. Use Google public … Continue reading Using Google Public DNS


Apologies for the entries with random code appearing in my RSS feed; I was experimenting with a plugin and posted them accidentally. 15 entries showed up in my feed last week, too. This was due to a backend change I made in WordPress. If I haven’t put you off subscribing already with my mishaps, please … Continue reading RSS-Subscribe!

Get ready for .anything!

I am very much excited about the recent approval by ICANN to launch new generic top-level domains. Generic top-level domains, gTLDs, are basically anything to the right of the furthest dot, .com, .org, .net for example. This decision by ICANN means anyone can submit an application to request a new gTLD. It’s safe to say lots of brands … Continue reading Get ready for .anything!

IE 6 still rules?

It’s the age of CSS3, HTML5, and what not. There are tonnes of designers & developers who want to officially quit developing for this outdated browsers. But look at this, IE6 is still used in many parts of the world. I guess the browsers are free! But who’s telling them? So are you still looking … Continue reading IE 6 still rules?